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Deep, dark and rich, these easy to prepare decadent brownies are a chocolate lover's dream. Sweetened entirely with low glycemic organic coconut palm sugar (glycemic index of 35) instead of sugar, this is an indulgence that is good to the body and pleases the soul. Coconut palm sugar tastes similar to caramel, making it the perfect pairing for chocolate. 

We import one of the finest European cocoa powders available, used by some of the world's top pastry chefs to help satisfy your most intense chocolate cravings. The cocoa powder is extra brute and richer than most cocoa powders, and all of the ingredients
​are of the highest quality, giving this mix the gourmet taste
​we ​know you'll love.

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gourmet brownie

A Healthier Indulgence that is Better for the Body and Pleases the Soul.​​​
Inspired by The Dr. Oz Show
100% Pure and Natural
browniescoconut palm sugar brownies